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Bitcoin and Ethereum are now being accepted as payment for all products. Simply select "Coinbase" on the payment screen!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to my most frequently received questions are below. I try to update this list regularly!


"Where do you get your skulls?" 

I source only legally harvested skulls from small taxidermists across the country. There is no one specific place. Alligator skulls come from alligator farms in Florida. I try to seek out skulls found in nature by people when I can. I do not give out the names of individual taxidermists that I source from. 

 "The skull I bought arrived broken."

Although this is rare, occasionally it does happen. Please contact me only through email or the contact me page on my shop. DMs and Instagram comments often get missed. Please provide photos of the item. Some minor issues (such as the jaw coming unglued) can be easily fixed, and I'll help you! I try my best to get back to these emails immediately. 

"Can I get a custom skull?"

As of July 2020, I'm no longer taking requests for custom work of any kind. The reason being that I spend so much time preparing pieces for my shop updates that I simply don't have the time to create extra pieces. If you are a science, education, or nature facility (For example, I did a custom piece for a University museum) I consider these special requests and will gladly consult with you about custom work. 

I often get emails asking for me to let folks know personally when commissions are back open, but this isn't a service I'm able to provide. I simply don't enjoy taking commissions, and I love the freedom I have with my shop updates.


"How do you make these? Can you post a video? What paint do you use? How do you adhere the crystals?"

I keep the methods I use for creating my pieces private. I know that many artists would like to try creating a piece with a skull they have, but daily I get tagged in photos from artists actively working to make cheap copies of my work. 


"Would you ever do a --(Insert rare, unusual or endangered animal) skull in your style?"

There is a narrow window of species I work with and I verify the conservation status of each one. I do not work with most big trophy species (think Africa), almost any birds, as well as big cats. I absolutely never, ever, work with bats due to the over harvest of them, as well as the number of them displaced or killed each year by human activity. 

"Why are some skulls not available in certain states, like California?"

Some states have specific laws regarding the sale or possession of animal specimens. For example, California and New York have laws prohibiting the sale of alligator parts. California law is especially strict, and since I cannot possibly verify every law, sometimes I have to take the safe route and limit sales to the state. 

 "Can I send you a skull to work on?" 

Unfortunately, I cannot accept skulls from clients at this time. Many clients ask about sending me their pet's skulls as well. These items are simply too precious to risk going through the mail stream, and I don't feel comfortable taking on that risk. 

A more in depth FAQ and sourcing info can be found in my Instagram highlights: