Next shop update 9/20/20 at 5 PM pacific time
Next shop update 9/20/20 at 5 PM pacific time
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to my most frequently received questions are below. I try to update this list regularly!


"Where do you get your skulls?" 

I source only legally harvested skulls from small taxidermists across the country. There is no one specific place. Alligator skulls come from alligator farms in Florida. I try to seek out skulls found in nature by people when I can. I do not give out the names of individual taxidermists that I source from. 


"Can I get a custom skull?"

As of July 2020, I'm no longer taking requests for custom work of any kind. The reason being that I spend so much time preparing pieces for my shop updates that I simply don't have the time to create extra pieces. If you are a science, education, or nature facility (For example, I did a custom piece for a University museum) I consider these special requests and will gladly consult with you about custom work. 

I often get emails asking for me to let folks know personally when commissions are back open, but this isn't a service I'm able to provide. I simply don't enjoy taking commissions, and I love the freedom I have with my shop updates.


"How do you make these? Can you post a video? What paint do you use? How do you adhere the crystals?"

I keep the methods I use for creating my pieces private. I know that many artists would like to try creating a piece with a skull they have, but daily I get tagged in photos from artists actively working to make cheap copies of my work. 


"Would you ever do a --(Insert rare, unusual or endangered animal) skull in your style?"

There is a narrow window of species I work with and I verify the conservation status of each one. I do not work with most big trophy species (think Africa) or most birds, as well as big cats. I absolutely never, ever, work with bats due to their over harvest for collections and art. 


A more in depth FAQ and sourcing info can be found in my Instagram highlights: