About Me

Taylor Barton, the creator of Argama Arts, is a Las Vegas-based artist specializing in watercolor wildlife art and crystallized skull art. A life-long lover of art and science, she graduated in 2012 with a degree in nursing, and splits her time between the operating room and her home studio. Initially pursuing a degree in zoology and pre-vet, she channels this passion through every piece created at Argama. 

Taylor created Argama Arts in 2016, and can be found touring with art expos around the American southwest. Her watercolor work has been featured in galleries and restaurants in Denver, Colorado, as well as local publications. She aspires one day to tackle the art of tattooing, and was once an avid amateur fiction writer.

Absolutely no sales of endangered, illegal, or vulnerable species are made for her work. Careful consideration towards species status and environmental and economic impact is given to each skull used in her work. Each specimen is sourced with sustainability in mind. The point of Argama is not to exploit nature--but rather to bring it into our homes, where it can teach us to honor and respect the natural world.